parete scorrevole / sospesa / in legno / in alluminio



  • Tipologia:

    scorrevole, sospesa

  • Materiale:

    in legno, in alluminio, in acciaio, in tessuto

  • Uso previsto:

    da ufficio, per open space, per fiera

  • Altre caratteristiche:

    acustica, senza montante verticale, su misura, decorativa, senza guida a terra, a isolamento termico


Mobile partitions for acoustic insulation in both directions.

Presentation finish: 32 textile varieties and 15 types of wood textures. Selection of lacquered colours.
Support materials: MDF. Specials on request.
Surface: Smooth Perforations for acoustic insulation on request.
Acoustic insulation capacity: Medium/high.
Absorbent material (where appropriate): Heat-bonded acoustic fleece.
Acoustic absorption capacity: Moderate/medium.
Standard formats/measurements: Custom manufacture.
Optional treatments: Fire-retardant. Water-repellent.
Standard installation systems: Multidirectional upper rail.
Parking system: Location of area as required.

Omni-directional panels move along the track supported by two carriers for each panel. Each carrier has two horizontal counter-rotating wheels with high density self-lubricated polymer covered bearings. Panels are moved into their storage position by means of a set of auxiliary tracks.