Videocitofono viva voce con schermo D1101V SURFACE-MOUNT
IPKNXazionabile tramite smartphone

videocitofono viva voce con schermo
videocitofono viva voce con schermo
videocitofono viva voce con schermo
videocitofono viva voce con schermo
videocitofono viva voce con schermo
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viva voce con schermo, IP, KNX, azionabile tramite smartphone, azionabile da telefono, con videocamera, Wi-Fi, per sistema domotico
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DoorBird D1101V Surface-Mount: IP Video Door Station HOW DOES IT WORK? Imagine, you are not at home and your children have locked themselves out or the courier wants to deliver a parcel. With DoorBird this is no longer a problem. Every time someone rings the doorbell you will get a push notification on your smartphone or tablet. Via the DoorBird App you are not only able to talk to the visitor but also see him live in HD quality. You will never miss a visitor again. With DoorBird you are on the move and yet at home, even if a burglar rings at the door to check if someone is at home. SMART HOME STARTS AT THE FRONT DOOR DoorBird is the smart solution for your house entrance. Simply connect your DoorBird IP Video Door Station to your smartphone and talk to your visitor – anywhere you are. The IP Video Door Station can be used as a stand-alone unit or can be integrated into an existing Smart Home platform. Even existing classic installations such as a door chime or an electric door opener can still be used and controlled via the DoorBird App. QUALITY MADE IN GERMANY All DoorBird products are designed, developed and produced by Bird Home Automation GmbH in Berlin, Germany. We manufacture all products with the greatest care and precision, and deliver them to our customers all over the world. More than 100 employees are committed to continuously develop DoorBird in order to guarantee the highest quality, longevity and customer satisfaction. For us "Made in Germany" is not only a seal of quality, but a philosophy.


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