lampadario moderno / in vetro soffiato / in vetro di Murano / LED



  • Stile:


  • Materiale:

    in vetro soffiato, in vetro di Murano

  • Sorgente luminosa:


  • Altre caratteristiche:

    fatto a mano, su misura


The modern glass chandelier Ramonista is a decorative lighting work, the ideal solution to enlighten unusual and refined spaces, but without renouncing to the quality of an handcrafted chandelier. The Murano glass chandelier Ramonista is a tribute to the great venetian tradition, but at the same time it innovates that tradition using original and peculiar decorations. Ramonista has a modern taste, but it is inspired from a traditional model, the Rezzonico chandelier. It doesn't renounce to the peculiarity of the Rezzonico chandeliers, that are the "bossole" inserted in the arms.
The other elements that composed Ramonista are more modern and inspired from organic shapes. Some bulging decorations have been attached on the glass, thus making Ramonista a lively and dynamic chandelier. In the catalogue a multi-tiered version with 16 lights is proposed; and the colour proposed is gold, obtained by melting the gold leaf inside the crystal glass.

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