controsoffitto in legno / in pannelli / acustico / decorativo
STANDARD 32 Ideatec



  • Materiale:

    in legno

  • Formato:

    in pannelli

  • Caratteristiche tecniche:

    acustico, decorativo, ignifugo, idrofugo

  • Opzioni:

    perforato, curvo, ecologico


IDEACUSTIC product range gives an excellent acoustic control in high-end decoration spaces. Our panels for ceilings and walls are based in a slotted system with different drill widths and diameters, adapting to any technical or aesthetical need.
These options are often used in modern architecture because they are able to integrate design and acoustic absorption. With IDEACUSTIC we get distinguishing terminations specially addressed to commercial spaces, auditoriums and any project where there is a need to satisfy the aesthetic layouts and to control the reverberation time.

Ideacustic's Standard 32 is a technical product of the highest level, intended for places requiring an enhanced acoustic ambience, whether big spaces like theatres or auditoriums, or smaller rooms, such as restaurants, shop or meeting areas

FLEX solution, available in all IDEATEC models, offers acoustic conditioning solutions in curved surfaces, being concave, convex or undulated.
The installation includes special assembly systems with specific edges, meshes for complex 3D figures and other special layouts used in avant-garde architecture.